Why aren't most documents digital yet?

qDocs is the 'Document Automation as a Service' platform.
Anything document, from a driver's license to a course certificate, becomes live, interactive and mobile...

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What is qDocs DAaaS?

[Document Automation as a Service]


Easily generate, manage and deploy document templates in record time.


Deploy documents through a free to use, state of the art, virtual wallet [mobile app|html5].


Intuitively connect templates with a range of curated data, plus your own databases.


We go the extra mile for your clients’ privacy protection.


Implement concepts like 'live', 'self serviced', 'just in time' and 'just in case' with your documents.


Increase productivity, dramatically cutting costs in document creation, storage, and data collection.

Feature 1

Templates, for Curators

Increase productivity using very simple tools for rich document template design.

  • Word processor like environment.
  • WYSIWYG design tools.
  • HTML/XML format edition available.
  • Compreensive data objects catalog for connectivity.
  • Automatic versioning and version management/control.
  • Intermediate word processing skills required.
Feature 2

Data connection, for Curators

Explore the power of direct document to data connectivity.

  • Growing catalog of preset data sources and data objects.
  • Powerful, yet easy to use tools to create data objects.
  • Both input and output data objects available.
  • Intermediate database management skills required.
  • Wide database compatibility.
Feature 3

Document access, for Clients

By bringing templates to your clients, documents and data just happen. No document processing costs.

  • Free document wallet app/website for clients.
  • Total privacy and full data protection.
  • Access to output documents, like certificates.
  • Access to input documents, like forms.
  • Full legal authentication [available in some countries].
Use cases

Examples of qDocs usage

Client 1

I filled my College admission form in my mobile. All my identification info was pre-filled. The new system saved me a lot of time.

Ryan Siddle — College student
Client 2

I had to submit a certificate. I shared a document link, using a QR code, directly in my mobile. No waiting in lines to get a paper document.

Ameli Mao — Business developer
Client 3

This is crowd auditing. I detected an error in an official document. The document itself has the tools for me to report an error, right in my mobile.

Kathrine Jones — Lawyer